ASSET Aviation CEO,  Mat Petrenko, is passionate about aviation training.

Mat is a professional aviation executive, airline pilot and instructor. He is a certified Flight Safety Foundation BARS auditor and is also an IATA-accredited Operations Auditor.

Mat works with airlines, governments and resources companies, providing advice and strategic support in all aspects of aviation safety and training.  He undertakes operational audits, and also management and training audits to maximise the safety and efficiency of operators.  He works with training departments and pilots from major airlines and delivering courses such as Safety Management, Pilot Training syllabus Design, Emergency Procedures and Crew Resource Management (CRM).

He is currently completing Doctoral research (University of NSW) into training system designs that integrate CRM principles into LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) scenarios for Russian flight crew.

Mat had a distinguished career prior to joining ASSET Aviation.

Mat was the Aviation Supervisor Russia for ExxonMobil (Neftegas) in the Russian Far East – one of the most challenging aviation terrains in the world.  He was responsible for developing, implementing and managing the company medical and emergency air evacuation plan, aerial survey plans and logistics, on-demand flights, internal auditing, safety, staff training etc.

Mat implemented an Operational Integrity Management System and Control Integrity Management System into the department and implemented a risk assessment program for fixed wing, rotary, offshore, search and rescue and emergency operations, including high-risk night helicopter emergency services.  He also successfully negotiated lease terms for jet aircraft and airport terminal slots in Japan, landing approvals for scheduled and non-scheduled flights and was a key member of the crisis management team.  During his tenure, Mat received two letters of commendation for his work.

As part of his flying career, Mat has held positions such as Fleet Manager and Captain for regional Australian airlines, Captain for a major Australian carrier, Captain for an international Corporate Jet Charter company and International medical evacuation pilot, and as an ab-initio and senior instructor in Australia’s general aviation sector.

Mat’s aviation career began when he won the Sir Reginald Ansett flying Scholarship in 1985.



  • Doctor of Philosophy, Cultural Factors in Russian Aviation Training (in progress)
  • Master Degree in Business and Technology
  • Diploma of Airline Safety Management
  • Russian Language Training Program


  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Crisis Management and Planning
  • International Negotiation Skills
  • Electronic Procurement Management Systems
  • Business Control Systems
  • Management and Protection of Information Systems


  • Flight Safety Foundation BARS Auditor Training
  • CRM “Train the Trainer” – Threat and Error Management
  • Safety Management Systems for Airlines
  • Airline Emergency Response Planning and Management
  • Internal Aviation Operational Auditor
  • Russian CRM and Psychology
  • Helicopter Escape and Crash Survival Training
  • Decompression Training


  • CASA Delegate (former)
  • Professional Airline Instructor
  • Boeing 737NG Instructor
  • Grade 1 Flight Instructor
  • Safety Emergency Procedures Instructor (B737)


  • Boeing 737NG Simulator Instructor (Australia)
  • Boeing 737 Classic and NG Captain’s Training
  • British Aerospace Jetstream 31 Captain’s Training
  • Swearingen Metro 23 Captain’s Training
  • Check Captain Training Program
  • SAAB 340 Pilot Training
  • Grade 1 Flight Instructor’s Rating
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence, Australia


  • Member, Australian Aviation Psychology Association
  • Services Member, Queensland Resources Council
  • Member, Flight Safety Foundation
  • Member (Fellow) of the Eastern European Research Centre for Human Factors

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